Bingo and European roulette

Similarities between Bingo and European Roulette

Bingo and European roulette are both gambling games that rely on chance for favourable outcomes. There is not much skill required to playing both games but European roulette has some strategic options to betting on the game which has been known to help the odds. Bingo and European roulette are both available online with interactive play where bingo is played amongst other players and roulette is played via a live stream video with a real life dealer.

The Origins of Bingo and European Roulette

The Origins of Bingo and European Roulette date back to the 1700’s and the 1800’s respectively. Bingo first began in France after it was adapted from a similar type lottery that originated in Italy named, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. In the 1800’s the popularity of bingo spread throughout Europe and has since become a popular game to play. European roulette also originated in France and during the 1800’s the game was enjoyed mostly by French royalty. European roulette is also currently a popular casino game that is widely played in both land based and online casinos.

Playing Bingo and European Roulette Online

Both Bingo and European roulette are popular online games that are found at many online casinos or online bingo halls. These games can both be played for real money or free for entertainment purposes. There are no deposit bonuses available for both Bingo and European roulette to be played for free with real money wins before a deposit needs to be made.

Online bingo games come in various versions like the 90 ball bingo which is played on a three by nine grid. Each row has five random numbers from one to ninety and four empty blocks. . Any one line, two lines or a full house wins. 80 ball bingo wins with one line, two lines, three lines or a full house but is played on a four by four grid. The 75 ball version of bingo features a five by five grid that has numbers between one and seventy five placed on all the blocks apart from the centre block which is the free block. 75 ball bingo has many different possible winning patterns including vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, shapes of letters or numbers and shapes of various items.

The European roulette wheel has thirty seven pockets displaying randomly placed numbers from zero to thirty six. After the bets are placed a ball is thrown into the spinning wheel and when the ball comes to a stop it lands in either a pocket that results in a win or not.

Winning with Bingo and European Roulette

The different online bingo games that are available may have different setups and possible winning patterns but the aim of the various games is the same. This is being the first player to mark off all the numbers set out on a winning pattern which depends on the version of bingo. The aim of European roulette is for the ball to land on a pocket that matches the bet that has been placed. The roulette bets can be placed on different combinations including single numbers, odd or even numbers and specific colours like all the red pockets or all the black pockets.