Edict Integrated Software

With so many online games out there on the internet it is easy to get caught up in the race to find the most exciting or most lucrative ones. This often means hunting down the top online gaming developers and through them locating a choice selection of great online betting games. However sometimes the best choice of games developer is the one that’s been around for ages but has yet to truly flourish. This is because the experience of competing amongst the mass of mediocre games grows developers and honest their craft, so when they do get that break and their games and software make it into the lime light it is known from the very beginning the effort it took them to get it to the players. This is the case with German borne gaming developers Edict.

The Early Days Of Edict

Edict began early in the online movement, 1998 to be precise, and has battled its way to present day. With a small group of developers they started their company to offer casinos a turnkey solution that promises smooth online operation of the highest standard. This was a difficult goal to achieve on such a small scale and for years this company sat as a middle rung gaming software developer. Recently however, coupled with an industry leader like gausellman group and merkur industries, they were able to reach the audience they had intended and the recipients were grateful for the contributions that they could offer.

The Structure Of The Software

The benefits that Edict offers through its software are numerous. They offer casinos a software system that integrates with most other software platforms and using a back office component enables casino hosts to track transactions and players progressions and winnings to better manage their online communities. The software also utilises flash and HTML 5 in its gaming development which results in players not needing to download the games to play them and instead play them online immediately. Additionally they offer casinos to completely customize their sites any way they want which provides each with their own unique appearance.

Further Benefits Of Great Software

Combined with the great games of their recent counterpart, Merkur gaming, whose online slots are well known for their innovations, and whose software is already integrated with their own, Edict was able to bring the online casino experience together. With an in built RNG or random number generator their games are also completely fair by any jurisdictions standards. They also have high degrees of security involved in their software design that keeps it secure and stable even under the weight of the large gaming communities. What this sort of distinction affords players is an online casino gauge system.

Using the pedigree of this software players can trust online casinos supported by them almost on instinct. This is aided by the benefits the online casinos get from dealing with Edict software as it is so easily integrated and allows other software providers to contribute and link up. It also offers the aforementioned turnkey solutions which grant the online casinos better control and inspection capabilities which in turn afford them to focus efforts elsewhere like on the players.