iPhone pai gow poker

Enjoy iPhone Pai Gow Poker at Top Online Casinos

Millions of players around the world can’t get enough of a poker variation based on a Chinese domino game! This is not surprising, considering the unique challenges and opportunities for exciting strategies offered by iPhone pai gow poker.

The goal is to build a left hand and a right hand that will outrank the dealer’s, using a 53-card deck. Players can enjoy the nail-biting suspense of this game when on the move, taking a break from work, relaxing at the pub, or spending a quiet evening at home.

Top online casinos have made the game more accessible than ever before, with a selection of download and no download playing options. These recommended sites also make real money play possible with secure banking services.

Basic iPhone Pai Gow Poker Gameplay

Once the version of iPhone pai gow poker the player has chosen opens, they should tap the Bet button to place their opening bet. This bet is known as the Ante, which may need to be doubled during the course of the game.

The player should then tap the Deal button. Seven cards will be dealt to the player, and seven to the dealer.

The cards need to be split into a five-card left hand and a two-card right hand, of which the left hand should rank higher. The player can do this by selecting the appropriate cards, and then tapping the Split button.

The two hands in iPhone pai gow poker are ranked differently. The left hand is ranked according to traditional poker rankings, but the right hand can hold a pair or no pair only. Otherwise, the individual cards determine the value of the hand.

The game’s 53-card deck contains 52 standard playing cards, and one Joker. This card is semi-wild, and the player can use it as an Ace or to complete a flush, straight, or straight flush.

The player’s and dealer’s hands will be compared after the cards have been split. The player will win if their left and right hands outrank the dealer’s. The player’s bet will be returned if they and the dealer tie.

Good Quality Online Gaming

Players looking for top quality iPhone pai gow poker action should only play at reputable online casinos.

These sites are powered by award-winning software developers, assuring players of games of the highest quality.

Optimised for iPhone, they feature easily navigable interfaces, state of the art graphics, and entertaining sound effects.

Players have the choice of playing no download Flash games in browser, or of downloading the apps for iPhone and iPad at these recommended sites.

iPhone Pai Gow Poker Hints and Tips

Players who are new to playing iPhone pai gow poker may need a helping hand every now and again.

If players are not sure of the best way to split their cards into two hands, they can tap the Advice button to have their cards set the House Way. If they like the game’s recommendation, players need to tap the Accept button, and then tap the Split button.

An important strategy for players to remember when playing this challenging game is to not overplay their left hands.