Online pontoon

Find Out All About Online Pontoon

There are few card games that can beat the intense thrills of pontoon. Blackjack’s most famous variation, this game makes use of a few interesting changes to the rules to offer players interesting twists and turns in gameplay.

Players do not need to travel to land-based casinos to enjoy this heart-racing game. Online pontoon is available at top quality online casinos, and offers players all the fast-paced action of its land-based counterpart.

This means that players can play for fun or for huge wins wherever they can conveniently use a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet that has an active internet connection.

Online Pontoon Playing Options

Getting started as an online pontoon player is quick and easy. The first thing players will need to do is sign up at a trusted, reliable online casino powered by one of the webs leading software developers.

Next, players need to decide whether they want to play using download or no download playing options on their preferred platform. Players can either download free software for desktop and laptop computers, as well as apps for Android and iOS devices, or play no download Flash games in browser.

Players should then decide whether they want to play online pontoon with real money, or for free. Players can use data encryption technology-protected banking services to fund their accounts, or they can use trial versions or claim No Deposit bonuses to play the game for free.

Once players have set up their accounts and have decided on how they want to play, they simply need to launch their preferred version of the game.

Online Pontoon Basics

Just as blackjack takes its name from the game’s term from an Ace-King combination, so pontoon takes its name from its term for the same combination.

Online pontoon shares blackjack’s goal where players need to bring the value of their hand of cards as close as possible to 21 by hitting or staying. However, unlike in blackjack, the pontoon dealer has no up card, and a five-card hand will beat all others except a pontoon. Plays in this game are based on the player’s own hand, and not the dealer’s.

Success in this game often depends on players knowing when to adopt aggressive playing tactics. A good rule for players to remember is to play more aggressively when they have a four-card hand. Aggressive play in this case could lead to a strong five-card hand.

When players have a weak four-card hand, they could double their way to a five-card hand, remembering that doubling is possibly only once per hand.

Hints for Online Pontoon

There are a few online pontoon hints and strategies that could help players make the most out of their gaming at top online casinos.

Two-card hand tips include the player hitting if they have a soft 18 or lower, standing if they have a soft 19 or higher, and doubling only if they have a hard 10 or 11.

Three-card hand tips include the player standing if they have 15 or higher, and doubling if they have a hard nine, 10, or 11, or a soft 19 or higher. The player should hit if they have a soft 18 or lower.

Players should only split if they have an Ace and an eight.