Online Roulette: Betting, Payouts and Other Requirements

When you are playing roulette online there are some rules that you need to know, along with what variation that you are playing. This will allow you to know what to look for and what bids you can place and what different number and coloring options you will have, which will make it easier for you to determine the appropriate bid to place. You should check the rules and requirements for every game before you start to play to ensure that you know what you need to be doing to win, including how you will place your bet and get your payout.

Starting the Game

When you first start to play this game, you will have to select your colored chip that will represent your bids when placed on the board. You also be able to select the value of various chips and how many you want to place in a certain spot for betting. These bets can seem complicated, but indeed they are quite simple and you simply choose to bet on any outcome in the game. If you win the round, then your bid would be returned to your account, along with any other payouts that you would get, which are calculated on the probability of the win. However, be aware that if you lose, then the entire bet will be lost and it will be deducted from your account. You can keep on playing the game online as long as you have enough credits and funds in your account to keep up your betting.

Different Variations of the Game

There are only a few different variations of this game and it only affects the number of slots that are on the wheel. If you are playing in the US, then the wheels will have 38, while the UK version only has 37 slots. Also, there is another variation called the California Roulette and that is played using cards instead of slots, but everything else remains the same. The wheel will only have numbered cards and it will still be spun and a pointer would determine the winning number, but in some casinos the cards don’t even have numbers, but simply slots that are red and black with the numbers determined by the cards pulled by the dealer and placed on the table in the black and red rectangle spaces and the corresponding colored card would be flipped over to reveal the winning number at online roulette NZ casinos.

However, when you play online the most common variation of the game is the UK or the US version that uses slots and balls. You will be able to tell which version you are playing since the UK version has a range from 0 until 36, while the US version is from 0 until 37, which means that the US version has better odds. Enjoy your game of roulette and try to predict the odds and see if your choices are good or if you need to check out the various options for bets a little more.